August 19, 2007

Family ties key to youth happiness

An AP / MTV poll comes to the conclusion that family ties are key to youth happiness.

How do you get diabetes out of the way and pay attention to your kids? My buddy Mark says: "BAM! Dee is wrecking your life, and will continue to do so until you stop listening to Dee and turn your attention back to your kids."

Hey Mark you were all over this before they were, did AP/ MTV survey you?

The survey says family time is top answer on the board. So what are you doing about it? I would love to hear some success stories.

(We go to Disney World among other things- LOL)


  1. We go camping. Also I recently started geocaching, and some of my kids just love that.

    I love the thrill of trying to find the cache, it's like a treasure hunt. Sometimes we stumble across raspberry bushes and other fun things along the way.

  2. We did a family trip to NYC that was a lot of fun. A GPS would have helped at times but it wasn't really hard to get around. I may have to write about the adventure. We saw Spam-a-lot. That was a riot.

  3. No surveys for me, Bennet. I did enjoy the article though. Warmed my heart a little to think some of the "truths we hold to be self evident" have been well received by our kids.

    Here's just a partial list of what occupies our family time:

    Family dinners - Turn off the TV a few nights a week and listen to what's happening in your kids lives. Heck, it's much better than listening to the local news.

    Card & board games - Erica (our T1) took out seven others to win the family poker game last weekend. Maybe I've discovered a way for the kiddos to finance their own college education!

    Travel - Dee reared its ugly head in D.C. on New Years. Since then Dee's accompanied us everywhere from California to Florida, and from the mountain tops of Colorado to the Caribbean beaches.

    Movies, sports, concerts, and on and on and on.

  4. Right On. Family Dinner is KEY.

    Get a nice table. Sit there every night. Talk. Laugh.

    I keep threatening to put a camera on the wall and video Connor (1st T1) the kids is a riot at dinner. He does improv and it is hysterical. It would be huge on you tube.

    No TV.