June 28, 2012

Glooko EU

Mobihealthnews has a post about Glooko, Europe and what the FDA allows here:


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June 20, 2012

Help Duane Reade Give $100,000

One of my kids lives is NYC. Another is going to college there in the fall.  I have come to like Duane Reade stores from my visits to the City. Deane Reade is looking to make some charitable contributions in exchange for Facebook likes. I am OK with that. After liking them you can vote on how the funds get distributed. My friends at the ADA are one choice.

I am a big fan of the ADA. I am an ADA trained Safe at School advocate. I think ADA does great work all around. I have said before that Your Advocates Should Vary. I think ADA sure deserves a few clicks. Goto http://www.facebook.com/duanereade. Like Deane Reade and vote for our friends at the ADA.

(More info at: http://www.facebook.com/duanereade?v=app_177914495580579&rest=1)

June 15, 2012

You Can Do This

Thanks to everyone in the past decade who has told us, “You can do this.”

It wasn’t called social media but the internet has been a part of our diabetes experience from the very git go.

On our first day with diabetes, when our son was in the hospital, we mentioned his diagnosis on Disney web board. We are Disney freaks. We had a trip to the Magic Kingdom coming in just a few weeks. We were scared. As Disney freaks we were afraid that our vacations were in jeopardy, not just the one in a few weeks, a futures worth. And that was just one of a host of fears for the future.

The profound fear was a flood of emotions that made me feel that we were alone.

One of our Disney geek friends sent a reply that first day. He shared with us that he too was type 1. He knew us well. He knew the fear. He new a little humor could help.  He knew what I did not. He knew we could do this.

He told us one of his teenaged type 1 experiences. It was about his adventures as a squirter entrepreneur. The tale involved a heroic type 1 creatively recycling syringes and an oppressive regulatory villain, his high school principal. I laughed so hard I cried.* While there had been plenty of tears in the preceding hours these were the good kind -  the optimistic I can see there is a future, we can do this, kind.

We received more notes and letters from friends who we found out also lived with type 1. Since then we have made a universe of new friends who do too. We are stronger and better for every one of them.

One of those friends is celebrating an anniversary today. Not of a diagnosis. Something that I think is more profound. Organized optimism - Bringing together a growing collection of videos that simply share the message - You Can Do This.


You Can Do This from Diabetes Hands Foundation on Vimeo.

You too can show your love for You Can Do This. Go to Vimeo here.  Click Share. Click Facebook and share it there, click Tweet and Tweet it and click any and all other social media links on that page. Doing so helps You Can Do This do more. Each like today June 15 is a vote to fund You Can Do This.

Diabetes is hard, helping You Can Do This is not. Just a few clicks. Go a head and click away.

You Can Do This.

*  You can find my retelling of the squirter story here at YDMV under the title A Little Help From Your Friends

June 12, 2012

Vote Often

Children's Hospital Of Philadelphia put us on their Facebook page.
That is an honor. CHOP is the best.
If anyone else feels inclined to make Connor’s bad hair day visible to the world click through to the the video at Vimeo’s, click the “share” button and share it on Facebook, Twitter Pintrest or any combination there of the options there. It will help get this project funded and, perhaps more importantly, demonstrate the dangers of going too long without a haircut.

Drinking with Diabetes from Diabetes Hands Foundation on Vimeo.

Vote early and often.

June 8, 2012

What's Next?

My Children with diabetes each graduated to new stages in their lives this week. 'Lanes will be in high school next year. That is a good thing. More impressive today was the dress she wore. She made it. She regularly surprises me with creativity. She draws and paints, loves anime and on her second attempt at sewing made this graduation dress. I went with her to buy the tule. She bought a spectacular amount of it but to good effect. This is the only full picture I have of her in it. It isn't the best picture but all the rest of my photos have classmates and lots of hugging. I noticed that any time a picture was being taken of one of them it rapidly become 3, 4, 6 or more. Her's is an outstanding class.

Connor graduated from high school six days ago, with honors he is very proud to say. So are we. He was also in every stage production the school put on in his 4 years, with the lead role in 7 of them. We're kinda proud of that too. He didn't make his tux, but it is his and he wears it well. He will be at Fordham University at Lincoln Center next fall studying theater and just found out he earned an arts scholarship from Diabetes Scholars.

All in all, it has been a great week. 


Medtronic announced today that their Low Glucose Suspend pump is into the FDA for a PMA aka blessing. Good news and a step towards innovation in insulin pump care. 

FDA to Review World’s First Insulin Pump with Threshold Suspend – Another Significant Step Toward the Artificial PancreasMINNEAPOLIS – June 8, 2012 –In the next step toward the development of an artificial pancreas, Medtronic, Inc. (NYSE:MDT) today announced that it has filed the final module of its Pre-Market Approval (PMA) application with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the MiniMed® 530G system featuring Threshold Suspend Automation. If approved by the FDA, the MiniMed® 530G system will be the only integrated insulin pump and continuous glucose monitor in the United States that automatically suspends insulin delivery if the sensor glucose value is equal to or below the low threshold value.

Read more about it here: