March 20, 2008


My reputation was dinged, on line, in a forum.

C’est la vie.

It seems I was a little too candid in a reply about what I put in my diabetic kids’ Easter baskets. I said, “Jelly beans, chocolate, malted milk eggs, etc.. and bolus.”

Apparently that wasn’t the correct answer. Opps too bad. That what I am doing anyway.

Candy didn’t cause our kids to be type 1. It isn’t going away because they are. I needed to learn this but it is a lesson I learned early. I didn’t know much about diabetes; OK I didn’t know jack squat about diabetes before Connor was diagnosed.

I know a lot more now than I did then. This is a lesson was learned before he was released from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia - Kids with diabetes are kids and entitled to the joys of being a kid.

Candy on holidays is part of being a kid. Candy based holidays are important and among the many things CHOP taught ua are these two: He is trick or treating. He is eating his candy (as part of his scheduled carb intake.) They released him on the morning of Halloween with solemn instructions to trick or treat that night.

Be a kid.

Trick or treat, chocolate bunnies, candy canes and sometimes even stopping for donuts on the way home from church, even though it is a four mile detour the wrong way. They part of life.

I’ll happily take my dings.


  1. You got dinged to huh, there is a random dinger out there! My kids are getting chocolate, more chocolate, and a video game...the horror!

  2. Amen to getting dinged.

    Riley gets (gasp) chocolate in his basket too. I don't overload him with candy but I don't skimp either.

    Kids need to be kids first, diabetes should fade into the background.

  3. I guess I deserve a ding too.....

    Here here to Easter candy!! Long may it the bellies of our kids :)