December 16, 2008

From The News Wire: Vitamin D

Vitamin D is right up there with mice cures on my list of naughty not nice news stories about type 1. Lots of stuff written and lots of news leads and no real conclusive news.

Apparently vitamin d in milk either does or does not cause type 1 and you should feel guilty about giving or not giving it to your kids. Thanks that is helpful.

So it is with that background that I point out today's Vitamin D type 1 story: Three quarters of T1 kids have deficient levels of vitamin D according to researchers at Joslin.


  1. It'd be helpful if they reported how many non-D kids also have vitamin D deficiency. What are we supposed to do with half a study?

  2. This story bothered me too.

    There seems to be no real conclusion. But, just enough of one to make me wonder if my child needs Vitamin D supplements.

    I agree with anon. How do non-d kids rate with thier Vitamin D?