September 2, 2009

YDMv: Our Tech - The Next Generation

Managing variability has always been part of the mission plan. Short of using zillions more strips than we now do knowing when our diabetes varies wasn’t always possible so managing it was a distant possibility.

Enter the CGM.

Both the kids are excited about the prospect. Delaney last night felt low. She tested and was right in range. Still felt low and tested a little later and had dropped 40 points. She would be low soon. I could see the light bulb go on. “Dad the arrows will help me know this.”

Connor is starting to think he may have a drop sometime overnight. The sensor will help him see if there is in fact a trend. Finding V and helping the kids own the management of it is the mission.

Today we start inserting sensors in addition to infusion sets. They will be carrying a CGM receiver in addition to a meter and pump.

Let see that is:

Three LCD screens,
Two subcutaneous insertions,
And a poker on the finger tips.

Sounds like a Christmas Carol.

To downsize the V the kids are becoming the Borg.


  1. my 13 yr old has been on the dexcom 7 (she calls it carl) for just under a month and I can't believe the child I finally have back after 4.5 years! The nighttime hijinks are most interesting. She starts out in range, hangs out in the 400s for three hours or so and then is back down in range by wake up. Can you say "tweak those basals?" Have fun.

  2. OK where did Carl come from? (Tell me Up I loved that movie - well I love all Pixar movies.)

    I am looking forward to basal tweaks without getting up every 2 hours. Well OK I am not looking forward to the basal tweaks but the sleeping part Yeah man!

  3. Good to see you realised that resistence is futile and we have another 2 additions to the Borg collective. My husband calls me 7 (as in 7 of 9) ever since I got my sensor!

  4. Oh Alison where to benign...

    I was thinking one can't help but notice the sensor is called a Seven. Is it really the borg? But that is just a fantasy TV show right.

    So then I can't help but wonder, does you husband have a tight silver spandex suit he expects you to wear when ha has these 7 of 9 episodes?


  5. Bennet, how did you find out about the silver spandex? My husband promised me that was our secret ;-)