January 7, 2010

Oh Food Label - How You Taunt Me

When we learn the whole carb counting thing is all about counting every little bit, reading every label and all kinds of math that seem to require a super computer. Think some dusty old British type spouting on, "Precision. That the thing. Precision." (Yes my friends at Shoot up or Put Up I am mocking y'all. I have been watching a lot of BBC and you Brits are on my mind - blame it on Top Gear.)

Well my friends guess What? Food labels aren't always accurate: Food Calorie Counts Are Frequently Off.
I know. I was SHOCKED too! OK maybe not.

If calories are off, can carbs be far behind? I think not. So there is a margin of error from the label and there is a 'range' of accuracy on the meter. YDMV.

At least there is a wide range of things to blame for random strange numbers.

I think it is the Brits fault. If nothing else blaming them is a time honored tradition here in the Colonies.


  1. We Brits at www.shootuporputup.co.uk consider ourselves honoured to be mocked old chap. Spiffing post. Toodle pip etc!

  2. Some how I figured that would be the case if only by the amount you mock yourselfs.

  3. Oh how this resonates Bennet! Sometimes I feel I should play 'Spin the Carb Wheel' after some meals, cause frankly, I'm just a guessin' on the whole carb count. I am hoping it (and I) get better over time.

  4. I think you have got it!!! We need more people speaking out about the errors in food labeling. FDA and USDA have dropped the ball big time. I know that at first I thought the labels were reasonably accurate having worked in the food industry, but the more I study and research, the more I realize that the labels are only an approximation. Add the other errors people with diabetes face and it is a wonder that so many do a commendable job of getting getting the insulin near correct.


  5. Why, you brute! You dashed brute! ;-)

    I've never really thought about labels being wrong - gah, another thing to make MDV