June 3, 2010

Another Cake or Two

My nephew just graduated from high school. For the last two years he was a dorm student and regular dinner guest. He and his roommate would come down for an upgraded over the dining hall. They both were lasagna fans and we would make huge batches of the stuff.

If one couldn’t make it down the other came and took back a take out box. It was a running gag that who ever came down for dinner ate the box as soon as he got back to the dorm and taunted they guy who couldn’t make it.

That is how guys are. It's simple. It works. We think it is hysterical.

For graduation we had a family lunch for my nephew and made him a cake that looked a lot like something else.

We made his roommate his own put it in a takeout box. We handed it off at graduation to the roommate. If we hadn’t I figure my nephew would have eaten it too just out of tradition.