November 3, 2010

Watch This Again and Again and...

I have been ask what comes of the Social Media Summit Roche has put on the last two years. I always say, the most significant thing is that everyone who has attended have become better friends. Friends try to work together. Then people look at me like I am nuts to think those connections matter.

They do.

A lot.

A case in point is this video. It was produced by Manny Hernandez of the Diabetes Hands Foundation, David Edelman of and Riva Greenberg, from and Huffington Post fame. I have come to love all three of them from the Summits.

They worked with our host from Roche to support for two very worthwhile efforts with this video. I think it is fair to say that the people at Roche are friends too. While social media and pharma are on different sides of the commercial diabetes space we can all care  about those in need and work together. I mean it is not like we are Congress, in the real world outside DC people can find commonality. This video is one such place.

I will let Riva explain:
For every view the video receives - between now and November 14th, Diabetes Day - Roche is making a donation to the Diabetes Hands Foundation the entirety of which will be used to assist the Life for a Child program and Insulin for Life. These two global, humanitarian assistance programs provide ongoing care and diabetes education to children in the world's poorest countries - care essential to stay alive. 

Donations provide children with life-sustaining insulin, syringes and blood sugar monitoring equipment, teach parents how to care for their child's diabetes, cover transportation costs for supplies, ensure continuous infrastructure improvements and help to develop new programs. Currently more than 25 such programs keep children alive around the world.

With 100,000 views, Roche will give the Foundation its largest donation - $75,000.

"The "Big Blue Test" video was created by Manny Hernandez, David Edelman and Riva Greenberg, directed and edited by Sean Ross and underwritten by Roche Diabetes Care, makers of Accu-chek. All persons in the video have diabetes including Bill Carlson, the first Ironman triathlon athlete with diabetes and Zippora Karz, former soloist ballerina with the New York City Ballet."- Riva


  1. I cannot count the numbers of times I have watched this video. It is awesome.

  2. Just because you have lost track of how many time you have seen it is no reason not to see it again and again...

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