January 10, 2011

Wish you were here George

We have holiday traditions. I have to have sinckerdoodles, Mom’s Birthday (aka Christmas Eve) is the best meal of the year and having a big home cooked breakfast Christmas morning are all traditions. 

It is just that this last breakfast tradition is only a year old. It started last year, kinda a reaction to teens who would be just as happy sleeping in. This year we added bacon to the tradition. It not that we didn’t make bacon before. It just wasn’t “officially” tradition. All that changed this year. We bought some Nueskes bacon online.

It was spectacular. It was bacon only it wasn’t. It was like anything I had ever had before. The smell of truly apple wood smoked bacon was intoxicating. The single best sent I have smelled in the house and that was before cooking it.

Typically I turn the fan ON before I start cooking. Now, when I cook this bacon, I don’t. I let the smoke  cooking fill the house. This may be the single most perfect tasting item in history including great bourbon and sinckerdoodles.


Wish you were here George.


  1. I am salivating just thinking about that BACON! I wish I was there too!!! YUM!

    I am ordering some now. YUM!

  2. Also a good way to get the teenagers out of bed!

  3. I just finished lunch and this has made me very hungry!

  4. You haven't had bacon until you've had candied bacon. And Yes, I'm diabetic. That's what the occasional "OMFG THAT'S A HUGE INSULIN BOLUS" is for.

    I found the recipe on CNN's Eatocracy blog of all places. Basically, thin sliced bacon dredged through brown sugar with a sprinkle of more brown sugar and a kiss of cayenne pepper, then baked on a silpat or some parchment paper. To. Bolus. For.