February 24, 2011

"Not Justin Bieber."

Tim's post, "Ask a Diabetic Rock Star." from across the puddle at Shoot Up or Put Up  is about Brett Ryan Stewart who Tim calls, "is a gifted young, up and coming American musician who writes and plays some good music described as “indie/pop peppered with a southern influence”." Now I am not one to give Tim all that much respect but when I read this exchange I had to go check Brett Ryan out.

Tim: Describe your music in 3 words.
Brett: Not Justin Bieber.

Tim was right. (I know who would have thought it?) Good stuff. There is an album coming out Feb 28. So now is a good time to check out some new music.

Turns out young Mr Steward grew up in the Philly area. Small world when you hear about your neighbors from a crazy Britt.

Thanks Tim - You're OK even with the sideburn envy.


  1. He he! For the last few days I've been smearing the sides of my face with an odd mixture of sheep poo and crème fraiche in an attempt to grow sideburns as magnificent as Brett's.

    It's not worked so far, but - hey hum - you've got to keep at these things!

  2. I saw tim's post, too. While Brett Ryan Stewart's first album's music was a tad more country for my tastes (I'd call myself more of a Mike Posner follower myself), but given that it's so early in his music career, we could see that style evolve over time, and I'd like to see a PWD musician succeed over "Justin Bieber/Ke$ha types with shallow or hollow lyrics that rely synthesized music to carry otherwise empty lyrics). If he's from the Philly region, that's good, too! Still, I like posts that are about other stuff. Thanks for sharing with everyone else.