March 26, 2011

@CharlieKimball: Go Fast Insulin

We hold theses truths to be self evident; that fast cars are cool. The type 1 community's own professional race car driver Charlie Kimball is racing in his first Indy Car even this weekend driving the Chip Ganassi Racing Levemir and NovoLog FlexPen Honda Dallara. A.K.A No. 83. This is the Big Leagues sports fans.

Here is Charlie in a video he made for theBeteNOW.

24/7 On Track Charlie Kimball from thebetes now on Vimeo.

He will be speeding around the streets of St. Petersburg in the Honda Grand Prix. There is great behavior to teach your insulin using kids to emulate... wait... maybe not so much unless the speeding around the streets is in an actual sanctioned racing event. Better for your car insurance premiums than getting a fist full of tickets - you can tune in on ABC tomorrow at 12:30 pm to watch.  Learn more on

Delaney and I are looking forward to the watching the race. She as an autographed picture of Charlie on the wall along with other type 1 athletes. He's cool. He goes fast. He is type 1. He  signs pictures for kids at Friends For Life. All that and he is crazy nice.

He is also the closest thing to the Stig we've ever met.

You can follow him on Twitter, maybe even Tweet him good luck on his first Indy Car race.


  1. Charlie is such a great guy! I got to have lunch with him at CWD FFL last summer, and it was such a neat experience. He's so down to earth, and such a nice guy.

    I'll tune in to watch as well, and will be rooting for him! Go Charlie! :-)

  2. Some say...he wears his pancreas on the outside...all we know is, he's called The Stig!