May 25, 2011

FTNW: Interoperablity

Ran into this blog post today:

Lack of Interoperability Limits Personal Health Solutions

One of the key recommendations is that the buyers of personal health solutions need to understand and value interoperability, and demand it from vendors.

“The project partners share the belief that if Europe wants to reap the full benefit of personal health systems, health stakeholders must understand the benefits of interoperability, and be empowered to demand those systems from vendors”, says Veli Stroetmann, researcher at Empirica. “Only if there are buyers who demand interoperable systems, vendors will bring them to market.”

 I would to have the option of demanding systems instead of systems being demanded by type 1. Veli, I don't think you get it, that kind of influence exists in discretionary markets, where folks can choose not to use products. Type 1 diabetics don't have the option of not choosing a glucose meter.  


  1. But you do have the choice of picking any of the meters compatible with your analysis software as long as the meter manufacturer made available the drivers and protocols.

    Market forces and the doj have pushed companies like Microsoft towards standardized interfaces, so I can now exchange files and hardware with Apple and Linux computers. This turned out beneficial for the companies and consumers.

    Wouldn't it be great if we could pick the CGM, pump and glucose meter independent of each other? I would prefer an 'open' device over one that only uses proprietary protocols. Perhaps the JDRF should help push companies towards this by helping to create interoperability standards and require their use as a condition for a company's participation in artificial pancreas projects.

  2. I agree EE

    I hope we all take the opportunities available to us to let the players in the diabetes device space know that we want open device data standards so we can pick independently.