July 6, 2011

Lilly and Disney at FFL and Beyond

Lilly is connecting with Disney to help families live with diabetes. I was one of a few bloggers who received a little sneak preview of some of their early steps this morning.

Type 1 care is more than tests and shots and I think both Lilly and Disney are taking real steps on a path that I hope evolves into a broad spectrum of support for living with t1 with hope and optimism. 

Here is a quick overview: Lilly and Disney showed a kids book with Goofy (my non d son's favorite when he was little) and a new type 1 character. The story line helps break down some misconceptions and gives kids with t1 a Disney character of their own. They also announced an official guide to the parks for type 1 visitors. It is a start that I hope leads to better type 1 awareness in the parks. My dated unofficial guide is at http://DisneyWithDiabetes.com.  

They also announced a new website at


I played with it on their iPad. It is a great start for newly dx families.  I look forward to seeing this site and the other parts of the relationship grow. Chapter books for Tweens, cooks books for me and more. I applaud the idea that type 1 care is more than drugs. It is a whole person thing. 

There is some official legal gibberish that I am meant to include that says I went to an educational event. What is important is that they did NOT give me an iPad or anything else cool.  (I considered trying to swipe the iPad  but I was badly out numbered) In all fairness, what I get wrong about this cool start to a future of Lilly and Disney working together is my fault not theirs. I will attach that legal stuff when I get the official copy but for now this is posting from my phone in the hallway.


  1. This is amazing!! Thank you for the info!!

  2. Took a quick look at the Disney site. They have a 'blog' written by two moms of kids with T1, but as you can't leave comments it's more like a series of articles without feedback. I guess it's Disney's first attempt at social media, but so far it looks a little lame.

  3. Well Bernard Sara Nicks mentioned that. I may have too. ;)

  4. I know it's a struggle for you Bennet, but you HAVE to overcome your shyness. :)