June 8, 2012


Medtronic announced today that their Low Glucose Suspend pump is into the FDA for a PMA aka blessing. Good news and a step towards innovation in insulin pump care. 

FDA to Review World’s First Insulin Pump with Threshold Suspend – Another Significant Step Toward the Artificial PancreasMINNEAPOLIS – June 8, 2012 –In the next step toward the development of an artificial pancreas, Medtronic, Inc. (NYSE:MDT) today announced that it has filed the final module of its Pre-Market Approval (PMA) application with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the MiniMed® 530G system featuring Threshold Suspend Automation. If approved by the FDA, the MiniMed® 530G system will be the only integrated insulin pump and continuous glucose monitor in the United States that automatically suspends insulin delivery if the sensor glucose value is equal to or below the low threshold value.

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