July 6, 2012

Coco Goes to School

Lilly and Disney have a new Coco book out. If you have a little type 1 in your family get a copy.

My understanding is that Lilly will make the available to Endo offices through the Lilly physician sales process. If your Endo hasn't heard of it, maybe you can suggest that they should call Lilly and get you one. Personally I and every social media person who met with Lilly recently advocated for more distribution channels. For now call your Endo.

In this adventure Coco goes back to school. You may have figured that out from title.

Coco is a little nervous about T1D and her class. She visits the nurse eats well but has treats and does a science project.

I care a lot about school and Type 1. I am an ADA safe at school advocate. This book is fantastic because it aims at the kid. Diabetes is as much attitude as science. Coco helps tykes have the attitude they can succeed in school.

That is brilliant enough to post about late at night with a cell phone.

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  1. Great new book on Coco! Thanks for sharing this, Bennet... and yes, hopefully Lilly does eventually change its distribution and get more access to these. Especially this one, which is PERFECT for the school library setting!!!

  2. I "may" have read this book very late at night to Kim. I do an expert Goofy voice impression :)

  3. Has Coco learned to speak like her other animal friends, or does she still use those ee-eeee's and gestures? Volume one left us in suspense!