October 19, 2012

Less awake than I thought or why coffee matters.

I had an early flight Tuesday. Out of Baltimore because there was a direct flight and I would rather spend an extra hour in the car than a layover and extra time in the air. Not that I mind the air part.

By early I mean get up before 4:00 am. I’m a bit of an insomniac so that works out to just a few (2) hours of sleep. No worries, I thought, I can do this.

I got up showered, brushed my teeth and thought I need to grab my tooth brush. I kept my bag zipped open to remind me. So I dropped it in and zipped it up. 

I stopped for coffee and an extra shot of expresso to get into driving mode. Nice easy run down I-95. Simple quick Southwest flight. 

I freshened up for the memorial service and thought I should brush my teeth, ya'know for the coffee breath,  and found this in my bag:

No tooth brush. 
That extra shot of expresso may have been a far wiser choice than I initially thought. 


  1. I really want to know what the security guys thought about the solitary spoon in your bag as well...