March 13, 2013

Good Diabetes Education and Crossing Language Lines

Diabetes doesn't care what language you or I speak. It doesn't wait around for people to chose it. It chooses people around the world.

Yesterday the President of Argentina suggested, that Diabetes is a disease of the rich, because of their sedentary lifestyle. See this post at Diabetes Advocates.

Diabetes is hard enough without silly, pointless and false preconceived opinions. Late night comedian are bad enough but it is their job is to stay dumb ass stuff. A presumably responsible head of state is completely different. Their job is to lead from the facts.

Diabetes is many things, many of which are bad. It doesn't need help to be awful. Diabetes doesn't care about income or language. It makes all walks of life harder. So do ignorant comments. Health is not grounds to separate, classify or stigmatize individuals.

One thing people with diabetes can do is to us honor other's struggles without offering trite solutions. I have learned about the diabetes in my home from friends from Venezuela, Korean and the United Arab Emigrates, Canada, the UK, South Africa, Australia, Germany and more nations. I am supported by African Americans, Asian American, Hispanic American, Caucasian Americans rich, poor, female, male and every race creed and mixture I have met. I choose to try to give that back in kind to everyone I can.

We can empathize with people around the world who have diabetes, not by their choice, but by their biology. Maybe we can realize we are closer to each other than our nationality, language and culture imply to those look for such superficial implications.

We are simply humans. A lot of us get 'the sugar.'

Each of us can choose and what we choose matters. We can choose stigma and lessen ourselves by thinking less of others.  Or we can choose to draw strength from supporting each other and in doing so be humane as well as human.

I choose stand with my friend good friend Manny and many others who choose to cares about people.

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