April 16, 2013

Join A Study: Driving Safely With Type 1 Diabetes

Sharing a message I received from Glu: 

Join A Study: Driving Safely With Type 1 Diabetes
Research has shown that a few people with Type 1 diabetes are at an increased risk for having traffic accidents due to low blood sugars. Possibly, we can help the diabetes community.
 Researchers at the University of Virginia are conducting a study evaluating internet tools designed to:  
  • Anonymously assess risk for ALL drivers with Type 1 diabetes of being in an accident and
  • Potentially help reduce the chance of high-risk drivers being in a future collision  
The study is strictly confidential and the data collected will not be shared with any other person or agency. The study is done in your own home at your own convenience (no visits to clinics). Participants may earn up to $270 in internet gift cards.
For more information, please visit www.diabetesdriving.com.
IRB-HSR# 15360

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