August 12, 2014

CGM improves T1D care in PWD over 65 - AACE

AACE just published a paper on CGM use in People over the age of 65. The paper concludes:
Insulin-requiring patients 65 years old and older in our retrospective study from a community endocrine practice achieved a significant and durable improvement in glycemic control when using PCGM. The improvement in glycemic control was comparable to that reported in younger patients. The substantial reduction in severe hypoglycemia may be of particular benefit in older patients. Lack of PCGM coverage by CMS was the most common reason sited to not start or to discontinue PCGM use. 


The goal of every adult with type 1 diabetes, every parent of a child with type 1 diabetes and every person in the care teams of those people with diabetes is a long health life WAY past age 65.

To better understand why this matters, please read Kerri's excellent piece at diaTribe on CGM and Medicare. I trust you will feel moved to sign the JDRF's petition. Like Kerri says, use the #MedicareCoverCGM hashtag to help thread these stories through social media like Facebook and Twitter.

I fear it may be a long term process to help provide good diabetes care to those on Medicare. Long term processes star with a step. There first step is the petition. More steps to come.

Think about your story with CGM. Has it helped you? Here are some tips on how to tell you story as an advocate for CGM coverage:

  • Plain language. Avoid jargon and abbreviations, tell you story like you are talking with a sympathetic friend over coffee.
  • Speak from the heart, and to it, your passion should be in the story, up close and personal.
  • Talk about success, make your story be the uplifting example of how things can be better.
  • Be concise. Use details from your success to connect passion and policy.
  • Quality of life over numbers. We want to hear about you and your life. If you use statistics be sure the are accurate and relevant to your personal story.
  • If possible, craft a way for policy makers to be a hero by demonstrating to them how their actions help you stay healthy and successful.


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