September 16, 2014

OmniPool? TidePod?

Congratulations to both, either and the combination. From the post on Tidepool's site:

Insulet and Tidepool

Raul Oliva, Marketing Director at Insulet

Insulet is pleased to announce we are opening our data protocol to Tidepool to enable OmniPod users to upload their insulin pump and integrated blood glucose meter data to the Tidepool platform and future Tidepool applications. With the announcement from Dexcom regarding their agreement with Tidepool in August, users of both OmniPod insulin pumps and Dexcom continuous glucose monitors will see their data from both devices in one place in future Tidepool applications. (more)

1 comment :

  1. I think we already have Tidepods (detergent) so I guess it will have to be OmniPool ;)