April 17, 2015

Testing Tuesday - Not Blood Testing (unless you have a better idea on how to that)

From my good friend Joyce Lee and our merry band of innovators:

Initiating a Collaborative Innovation Network for Healthcare Transformation in Type 1 Diabetes

We #makehealth!
We are a group of patients, caregivers, healthcare providers, designers, innovators, advocates, quality improvement specialists, technologists, and engineers who are passionate about transforming healthcare for type 1 diabetes.

Be part of this crowd sourced effort!

This collaboration was inspired by the work we have been doing for the T1D Exchange and the C3N Project. See Storify #1; see Storify #2 to take a peek at what we have been up to!

Why is the page called Testing Tuesday? (http://testingtuesday.org)

Testing Tuesday Projects are projects, collaborations, improvements in healthcare that we can do to start the transformation now! Watch this video by Mike Evans to learn about how we chose the name!

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