September 8, 2007

Chick Magnet

Connor wasn’t all that into the diabetes conference at the start.

He didn’t say much but his body language spoke volumes. He was on the other side of the lake, as far from the conference center as he could get.

I couldn’t much blame him. He was elected camper of the year at diabetes camp the year before having a crappy time. His cabin was full of kids mostly interested in talking about drug other than insulin so he spent his time hanging out with the counselors. He’s a likable kid but I not sure that was his ideal experience.

So diabetes vacations were not at the top of his list. He was also missing a bunch of swim meets and he like winning swim races.

Kim and I volunteered to help with registration. So he bolted to the other side of the resort. OK that’s fair. He came back and was heading for some ice cream with Kim somewhat sullen.

This was about the last we saw of him.

A couple of girls walked up introduced themselves and asked if he wanted to hang out with some other kids from the conference at the food court.

See ya Connor.

Turns out we didn’t see much of him. We did hear from a dad who daughter spoke well of him.

I guess that is a good thing.

I figured we would see more of him the next week.

We were staying for a week of vacation at Disney’s Beach Club Villas. Ahoy Palloy. The two older kids were flying down from their camp experiences (very good ones) and a friend of Connor’s was coming along too.

We saw Connor briefly at the last breakfast. He was doing the “I’m an actor playing the part of their insurance fraud kid bit.” We left for Beach club. He knows his way around Disney transportation so we left him to say goodbye to his new friends.

We took a bus to Disney Studios and a boat from there to Beach Club. We boated past Boardwalk - where we diagnosed Delaney’s diabetes, that not withstanding I love this place.

On the boat, Delaney said it was good to finally be in Disney World. I knew what she meant. This is our part of Disney World, the Epcot resorts. If home is where the heart is we’re home. The conference was OK but this, this is Disney. Suites, air conditioned halls and boats to gracefully slide you around from resort to amusement parks and back again.

Connor’s friend, Ben, is also a swimmer. So we pushed them out to the pool. Exactly once. They found their own motivation to head to the pool after that.

A pair of cute young British ladies with lovely accents to be specific.

Ben and Connor showed up for meals. One night they didn’t come in on time and mad a ton of noise when they did come in. The next night they had to explain to the Britts they had to come home early. They weren’t late after that, they weren’t early either, bang on the spot of curfew.

After a few nights at the pool the group headed off to the parks.

I think Connor’s GAP went too.

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