September 10, 2007

Twice the trouble.

Why is it harder for two?

We are one of the lucky families to have multiple type 1 kids. So why is it that so few of the stuff manufacturers consider that possibility? All meter cases are black and all downloadable meters look the same, OK the one touch mini comes in colors but guess what?

Right - They only come in black cases. A little too much Henry Ford guys lighten up or hue-en up or what ever the word for more color up is.

(Psst! Hello guys? Any of you have a pre-teen girl at home? Do the words Pink and Purple mean anything to you?)

Lancing devices come in any color you want as long as it the only color they come in. Try keeping track of whose pokey is whose.

I get emails telling reminding me it is time to reorder, except they don’t say which kid it is for, as if a reminder our diabetes supplies are due is enough to make it clear who’s supplies are due. The supplier’s online store can’t grasp the idea that I get supplies for TWO customers in one account. Nope I gotta have two accounts each with a different email to use the online store. Guess what?

I don’t use the online store.

Most business have affinity processes where by clients who bring more business to a relationship are rewarded for it. Not the diabetes industry. They make it harder, annoyingly harder, to bring more business to the relationship.

All this on top of twice as many strips floating around the house, under the couch, in the dryer, floating in the dog’s water…

c'est la vie

I wonder how those families with more than two get by.


  1. Excellent points - especially for young people. You have to give them some individuality - I would never have thought that a color scheme would have even been an issue, but when you are a teenage girl, why can't you have supplies that reflect your tastes and wants.

    I've never seen this addressed anywhere else! : )

  2. Bennet, It would be easier if we could just pick a color, and maybe someday they will think of that, eh? I hope you sent this to at least the top few meter companies. They need to hear this most since pumps already come in colors, but wouldn't it also be nice to be able to customize the color of the pump too? Have a color wheel of colors to choose from? Can mix and match pump, supplies and meters, along with lancets and cases. Oh boy, then we'd have a whole new kind of shopping there ;)

    Time to take the kids to the craft store. Buy fabric paints,googley eyes, fake fur, pom poms, and gems, or whatever they can get their hands on to decorate it. That's what we had to do with both dad and Julia having the same meters. Julia chose pink and purple paints. First she did hers, and then as soon as I turned my back she did her dads :D It says dad in bright pink letters and has a heart on it and a smiley face. He loves his meter case :)

    As for the ordering part, you got me. We order it all at the same time. Great topic. Take care, Jamie

  3. We painted googy fabric paint all over Delaney's meter cases. We founf we could get whit tips for the pokey lancet devices that came with the One Touch Ultra Smarts but the Mini's pokers all have the same colors even when the mini's come in a variety of colors.

    There are skins available some place you can print and put on the but I haven't tried them yet.

  4. That's odd, you'd think that the mini lancet device thingy would match the color of the meter?!?! Odd. Paint it? I don't know.