April 2, 2008

From the News Wire: The Wrong Side of the Tracks.

Two news articles out to day raise the question of the environment and type 1. One article talks about the growth in type 1 since WWII and changes in the environment.


The other makes note of pockets of higher incidence of type 1 and the income of New Zealand neighborhoods. Apparently the rich kids are getting T1 more. (It goes on to the hygiene theory of illness, which I think could go on to suggest we shouldn’t wash slimy stuff off our hands.)


I didn’t know we were doing so well financially. I mean with two type 1 kids you think my family would be living on Boardwalk or at least the Trump Tower.

These stories fall into the category of more studies needed maybe not necessarily right nest to right next to cinnamon studies. I have a need to read news but these have me wondering, why isn’t Donald Trump mainlining insulin?

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  1. Wow, news to my working-class parents as well. Who knew we were swimming in dough?!