April 19, 2008

It's 3:00 am…

Somewhere in the world, there is a blood check that needs to be done. Who do you want checking that blood?

Can I call Hillary to come over? Apparently if her ads are to be believed, she is all motivated to be working, up, wearing a suit and taking phone calls at 3:00 am anyway. I mean as long as she is up, I would rather sleep.

I am guessing not.

Non D folks wonder why we do a 3:00 am check. Doesn’t everyone like tripping over toys in the dark?

OK I am being whiny; I don’t trip over toys anymore. No, my daughter doesn’t always put her stuff away. I solved the tripping in the dark by stringing Christmas tree light around the ceiling of her room. They throw off enough light to navigate and test at 3:00 am. Well navigation and she likes the look.

More she likes the look. She’s my baby girl. I am wrapped around her finger. She wants lights, she can have lights. Seeing in the middle of the night is an unintended consequence.

Where was I? Oh yeah… It’s 3:00 am. Doing stuff at 3:00 am is routine in a type 1 household.

Some type 1 families check every night. We don’t. We check to test basals. The clue it is time to check is when the 6:30 am blood numbers start spiking.

I have tried to explain basal setting to the uninitiated. Sadly that is too much information for anyone who doesn’t get YDMV to start with. Those who do get it don’t need an explanation. They probably get up at 3:00 am too.

The real answerer for why I do a 3:00 am check is: So I can sleep the second half of the night.

Once it gets into my head there maybe a blood issue, I can’t sleep. The 3:00 am check isn’t so much an interruption of the nights sleep as it is an attempt to salvage the second half of the night’s rest.

In all honestly not doing a 3:00 am check is not my preference. I would be just as happy with no diabetes and no late night blood checks. That ain’t happenin’.

Next to that, a CGM tracking numbers would be great. Unfortunately that isn’t covered by insurance. It would be a wonderful tool for tracking trends to make basal changes but parents getting sleep and well adjusted basal programs are of no concern to an insurance company.

I wonder if there is anyone to call about that, at 3:00 am.

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