July 25, 2009

D Summit - The Untrue Story Scene II - "M"

Instructions In “M”’s field office.

We have followed Thomas, Chris Thomas back stage at the bar. The person playing the part of the barkeep turns out to be one of the Scotts. We are about to meet Chris’ secret agent controller, the elusive “M.” We enter a large and very elaborate spy control center under the hotel shops. All kinds of strange things are happening to dummies. (test dummies – not Chris & one of the Scotts.) No wonder the lobby is so small; all this spy stuff takes up too much room.

“M” approaches and pours a glass of light brown spirits from crystal decanter, presumably fine scotch whiskey. “Good of you to drop in Chris,” She hands Chris a glass,

“Nice crystal”

“It’s Christel like William Tell, how many times do I have to tell yo…”

“No “M,” Chris interrupts wryly, “Not your name the glass.” He clearly has played this same joke a number of times and “M” is not particularly amused. Chris has a sip. ““75 year old single malt from your family’s own distillery. I presume this means BadShoe has been about?”

“Yeah he drank all the good stuff, this is all that is left, not a drop of Nyquil in a thousand miles!”

“So you called, ME?” asks Chris

“Not at all Chris– Vicks is working overtime to restock the shelves. There seems to be a bad cold going around.”

“Fine, then why was I called in? I had just ditched mom and were about to become better acquainted…”

“Come, Come, Chris- No need to go into details. Naturally, there is a threat to civilization, as we know it, or we wouldn’t have called for you. Are you prepared to risk you life?” “M” asks, knowing the answer.

“Of course.”

“Good. This looks like nothing you have ever face before. A maniacal megalomaniac threatens global domination by controlling a particular commodity market – probably involving rockets and or satellites in space.” “M” says in a serious tone.

“You don’t get out much do you Christel?”

“No not really, and call me ‘M”, why”

“A maniacal megalomaniac threatens global domination by controlling a particular commodity market – probably involving rockets and or satellites in space sounds so much like every movie made about my exploits that one might think this is a parody,” quips Chris with a wink to the camera.

“Really? - Will the TBS Super Station be running a marathon of these movies?”

“I don’t know. ABC got a hold of the rights – They were going to run a big spy pictures show every week but it tanked like everything at ABC. I don’t know who has the rights now.”

“No kidding Christ.. er.. “M” – You were saying something about a megalomaniac looking to control the world before we digressed about movies?”

“That was a digression?” “M”

“Yes,” Chris

“Oh right we talking about the other power hunger megalomaniac.”

“Right has to be stopped.”


“No the bad one”

“Isn’t that what I said?”



“Who is on first?” asks Chris

“This is a little hard to follow.” The author’s wife.

“Yeah - You wouldn’t be padding this to stretch so the part with “Q” is and the cool spy toys is its own scene would you?” Chris asks, knowing the answer.

“Damn Right!” Bennet

Next Scene - Q and the cool spy tools!


  1. Seriously. Way funny. Looking forward to when this movie is made into a motion picture. ;-)

  2. I thought for sure I'd be a Bond Girl some day, but you know... I think I like being "M". Suits me. :)