July 22, 2009

You know you are STOOOPID tired when...

I am traveling today. So I begged for someone else's stuff to post.

Here is a lovely little bit that I think is brilliant from Joy Orz one of my fellow sleep deprived CWD parents. Joy is letting me use her material here with the following condition:
"If it gets turned into a miniseries, I choose Helen Hunt to play me."

You know you are STOOOPID tired when...

Let's just say things have been interesting around here numbers wise. I have been getting even less sleep than usual. ("But Joy, how can that be?" you ask, "you are the mother of a D toddler. Sleep shouldn't even be a word in your dictionary.")

Anyway, I am in full zombie mommy mode and I thought I'd share some of my finer moments.

The other day I couldn't figure out why my coffee maker was broken. It kept not brewing coffee and only pouring hot water. I unplugged it, checked the buttons, even took the darn manual out. Then I looked in the filter. Yep, no beans. Can life be any more cruel than not having enough brain power to even make coffee, because you REALLY NEED SOME COFFEE?

Ok, this one's even better. I have a little kit that goes with Ava's meter. It's got the usual, meter, strips, wipes, lancet, etc. And I put a pen light in that slides in on the side. So in the middle of the night after I checked her, I was sort of fumbling around in the covers and collecting everything to put back in the kit. I found the meter, strips, and lancet, but couldn't find the dang flashlight. I kept looking for it, shining a light where I thought it would be.

Yeah, SHINING A LIGHT where I thought it would be....

Ok, your turn...

Thanks Joy
Love Ya / Mean It

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