October 11, 2010

The Circle of Life is a Small World

As a parent, I have tried to find roll models. People who exhibit the attitudes, behaviors and character I hope my kids well grow to share. As often as not it is for my benefit. I like to know what influences parents used to helped these folks get where they are so I can shamelessly copy those practices.

I started when the kids were really little by ask the parents of those of my peers who I respected how they brought up families they way they did. Side note here, if you really want to flatter someone ask’m something like, “So your kids are what I want mine to grow up like, how did you pull that off.” I completely tongue tied a friend’s mom asking that. It was awesome. Surprisingly or maybe not the responses were very similar. Practice faith, put the family first, eat meals together at the table, do stuff together.

Not being particularly original I employ the same strategy as the kids grew. When the kids showed interest in studying the film industry or criminal justice - one stop shopping with a friend who has a masters on the later and a movie in wide release this weekend. Curious about growing up with type 1. There are a lot of you out their who’s brains I have picked.

I didn’t stop seeking roll models when the kids were little. A few years back, at FFL, Delaney and I had a very nice conversation with professional bike racer from Australia. She was a glorious roll model for a ‘tween girl, outgoing, confident, a professional athlete, type 1, personable etc. Her name was Monique Hanley.

Fast forward a few years. The kids are getting bigger, so I start looking for people I can who can I learn from as motivation for my soon to be young adult type 1 kids. I met a local woman who runs marathons with type 1. She spoke highly of a group in Canada who do all kinds of great stuff. The leader of that band of crazy Canadians was interviews over at DiabetesMine, one of her roll models in starting the crazyness, Monique Hanley.

So I don’t know which Disney song to sing here. Is it “It a Small World” when a woman from Australia has as a trans-continental influence or is that Just the “Circle of Life” with diabetes?

Either way here’s to Monique.


  1. Walt did get it right when he said, "It's a small world after all." Or did he even say that?

    Anyhow, finding good roll models for your kids and for yourself as a parent is something I think most parents don't want to do.

    I sort of had to work the opposite you did. I had lots of bad examples and just did the opposite. So far, so good!

  2. I too look for people to look up to. Lucky for us, we don't have to look farther than the DOC. :)

  3. or even the DC without the online component.

    George you are one of the Good Guys in my book.