September 17, 2011

Not Enough

I hate seeing blue candles.
I loathe the very reason they exist.
I pray to never see another.
Blue candle are a small tribute to a young life lost to type 1 diabetes
lost to overnight lows.
They are condolences beyond the words fail to express our feelings.
Like words they fall short in sharing them.
I am angered that better means of detecting, alerting and treating overnight lows is possible, 
but lack a clear paths, through regulatory approval, insurers red tape and into homes.
I grieved that better care is not more available.
I am numbed at the sight of blue candles.
I am numb at the the increasing frequency of seeing them.
I grieve for losses, unknown to those who would share,
ineloquent words and
insufficient blue candles.
I appreciate researcher who advance type 1 care.
I admire those who make basic diabetes care more available around the world. 
I love the champions and advocates of families living with diabetes.
I celebrate the actions beyond blue candles.

 Blue candles are not enough.  


  1. Let's put names to these blue candles and lists of names, so that we remember that each blue candle represents a person whose life has been taken prematurely because of diabetes. Please post memorials at and add names to the Blue Candle list at

  2. Thanks Brenda.

    I love your passion to remember the individuals our community has lost. I have struggled with how to do that and respect the families involved.

    Our community is broad and while many connect deeply online connections vary. I have come to the conclusion that at YDMV I will practice a policy of not be posting names as a means of respecting the private nature of family grief. I am not confident that any thing I can say would add comfort to their loss.