December 15, 2011

Prom King!

So I'm sitting here heavily marinated in caffein studying for a bio exam in my masters program. I am particularly focused improving my knowledge of the endocrine system of all things. You would think that a guy involved with the diabetes online community would do at least OK in the endo section.

You would be wrong. It seems my interest in the field and what is on the test diverge. Significantly.

So, I'm sitting here sucking back coffee trying to memorize what gland, makes what hormone, to do what, to some fictitious patent named Sam, when I get a Facebook notification: I was appointed Prom King by one of my classmates. Here is the proof:

I found it hysterical. You may ask how is that possible? Simple. Bribery. I make printable documents of our online lectures to study and I share them with who ever may want a copy.  Now if I can only bribe my way into King of DProm....

... and remember all this non D endo. stuff for tomorrows exam. 


  1. Dear Prom King Bennett: Indeed, You Rock!!

  2. LOL! I thought this would be a post about your son, but I love that you have won the honor instead.

  3. Now that's a pretty rockn post... and like Sara, I thought it'd be about your son. But no - what a surprise! Awesome.