December 12, 2011

YDMV Nominated at WEGO

Award: Advocate for Another (  
Reason: Bennet is a father of two type 1 diabetics and has been an exceptionally active member of the DOC since he started blogging back in 2007. He's got advocacy credentials - fundraising for the ADA and JDRF, attending social media summits for Roche and Medtronic, meeting with politicians on a state and federal level - but more than that he offers the perspective of a dad trying to help his kids become well rounded people for whom diabetes is only a small part of their lives. Despite all his work, he consistently flies under the radar - which I'm sure is by design. He never conflates his experience as a caregiver with that of his Type 1 children. His humor, passion and intelligence as - for both his family and the DOC at large - part of the invisible support structure that provides individuals with a safe space to learn and grow.

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