February 27, 2012

@GlookoInc Upgrade: Carbs

Glooko has an upgrade out. Makes it easier to look up carbs and "with one click add the value to your note."

Their email goes on to say,"Say goodbye to your bulky carb counter book and hello to a comprehensive digital food database. No more adding up carbs in your head, or recording them on paper. Use Glooko Logbook to search nutritional information, adjust for serving sizes, and automatically enter in your logbook.  Tracking the food you eat anytime, anywhere on your iPhone and putting it context of your blood glucose readings, helps you stay on top of monitoring diabetes.   

Upgrade to the newest version of the Glooko Logbook app on iTunes." 

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Check them out on the web http://www.glooko.com/
or Twitter: http://twitter.com/GlookoInc

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