February 8, 2012

Voices of YDMV.

I am honored to be a guest on Just Talking this week.  Christopher and I had a great time talking and I probably got over passionate about my favorite BBC Top Gear episode (Hint: Trying to Killing a Toyota Truck.) I may have been as interested in community support, the DOC, #DSMA and why I follow @SStrumello on twitter or maybe not. Have you seen that Top Gear?

I think PodCasting is brilliant. The first diabetes online resource I followed was DiabeticFeed. That feed is on hiatus for the spectacularly wonderful grounds that chasing around a toddler is serious work. Fortunately Just Talking, DSMA Live and other shave stepped up to the plate with podcast production. Good thing. I couldn't do it.

Also sharing the voice of the YDMV household is my former toddler and now tall young adult Connor. He spoke to a group of potential corporate sponsors of ADA’s Tour de Cure  in the packed conference room of a very prestigious law firm in downtown Philly this morning. Closing the presentation, he took the scary statistics and made them a both positive and personal. He was optimistic and appreciative of the support networks, including advocacy groups and their corporate sponsors, that make it possible for people to pursue dreams in their lives with diabetes.

Sadly the Tour is the day of Connor high school graduation or we would ride.

Connor did a fantastic job if I do say so myself. And in case independent no aligned testimony is required, a partner in the firm told Connor he would make a great litigator and the executive director of the local ADA chapter wants him back at other events. I rest my case.