February 27, 2013

Animas offers rebate on Dexcom G4

Got this email form Animas, haven't found a web version to link:

And, who doesn't like SCOOPING up special offers like this Animas-exclusive $200 rebate on the Dexcom G4™ PLATINUM CGM?*
We've partnered with Dexcom to integrate glucose sensing with our insulin pumps. Find out how we can help you make a smooth transition to next generation technology as soon as it becomes available.
  1. Animas pumpers are eligible for a $200 rebate on Dexcom G4™ PLATINUM CGM today.
  2. Get the latest, greatest pump technology for just $99 when it becomes available with the ezAccess Upgrade Program.
Call 1-877-YES-PUMP to learn more, and to get all the perks that come with pump therapy from Animas and CGM from Dexcom.
*To receive the $200 rebate, Animas patients must be within their warranty period and must purchase the Dexcom G4™ PLATINUM CGM System by 04/30/2013.
†The ezAccess Upgrade Program is effective 6/1/2011 to 4/30/2013. The ezAccess Upgrade Program excludes individuals with Medicare or Medicaid, or any other federal or state
healthcare plans. It is not valid for patients who reside in MA. Offer not available to participants of the Animas Access Program or prior ezAccess Upgrade Program participants
who have not purchased a full revenue pump since last upgrade. Other exclusions may apply.


  1. Regardless of any rebates, Dexcom's support for new users leaves much to be desired. I received my new Dexcom over about a month ago, and have yet to hear from the people who said they would be in touch with me a few days after my Dexcom unit was delivered for training. I called my CDE who had to contact Dexcom for support. I've been disappointed in the lack of follow-through with this company (Dexcom).

  2. Again, smart marketing move by Animas. Just like the Medtronic one a few months ago, inviting new users to buy latest tech and get free upgrade to any new devices (read: U.S. Veo) is approved by FDA by April 15.

  3. ok cool. so then how much will we need to pay for the new pump? (I'm already using the G4, just asking an annoying question for the fun)

    all financial burden aside, I'm excited.