February 28, 2013

PODD Earnings Call Info for Patients.

The PODD earrings call is  on Seeking Alpha. Here are a few points I thought patients may like to know.

New PODDs in weeks 
For our existing customers, we will begin the transition from the original product to the new OmniPod in the next few weeks. 
Verio PDM 
... we expect to file in the coming months a submission requesting 510(k) clearance for a PDM integrated with LifeScan Verio blood glucose meter. We are hopeful that this new PDM will be commercially available in 2013  
... one of the blocking things that was out there was our whole insulin on-board calculation and not to bore everybody with the kind of arcane way we did it, but we thought we had kind of a better mouse trap. It wasn't the way the market leader did it. So this product basically put it in line with the way the market leader did it
.... Finally, in January, we signed an agreement with a new continuous glucose monitoring partner. The agreement calls for both parties to continue development work already underway towards the ultimate goal of an OmniPod integrated with a CGM sensor. 
In Q& A re the name of the sensor partner, 
... we have with the company until we get to the point where we think we have a final version, a commercial version, we agreed not to give involved in disclosing that 
.... we tested on pigs, so far so good. Sometime next year we'd like to be doing it on people. And we'd like to be doing it on people not as a stand-alone sensor, but in our integrated format. So the big engineering hurdles/opportunities for us is how do we insert this within the framework of the product we have? And how close can it be to the insulin delivery? And the third one is -- and we've tested this a lot now, but we still have to go through in testing it in final is can the sensor withstand ETO sterilization. 
There is more on the CGM partnership in the Q&A part the call. Hop over to Seeking Alpha if you are interested.

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