June 17, 2013

The Type 2 Experience

I love to see people set up. The DOC is disproportionally type 1.  So is our family. Two T1D teens, one more or less T2D dad (me).

I say more or less because the more I do what I need to do, exercise, eat right, etc the less type 2 I am. I know I need help staying motivated, peers to help me make changes habits.

Enter The Type 2 Experience (TT2E) First the name brings to mind the Jimi Hendrix experience. That is a great thing. I currently am blasting Hendrix on iTunes. Hendrix is one of the coolest.

Infusing T2D social media with more cool is a brilliant thing. These are some of the T2D rock stars. They can help shift the perception of our condition.  In the introduction of the site they say of T2Ds, "We need to have a stronger presence in the Diabetes Online Community." Yay!

T2D is more a function of genes than what most comedians would have us believe. Type 2 misconceptions, like others, is an easy target. While TT2E may not change the jokes on late night TV they can be place we can share with T2D friends and they can fine support and understanding.

Rock on TT2E!

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