February 27, 2015

Finance Geeks are Talking Artificial Pancreas. James Cagney Wants a Cut.

Ok, I'm a business news kinda guy. My undergrad degree is finance; I was a banker (I apologize for what I did to the American Economy, it was clearly all my fault, I'm sorry.)

Interestingly this week a number of earnings calls (aka where businesses talk about their results to analysts each quarter) Artificial Pancreas was a topic:

Here's a few I just posted about:
Home Grown & Startup

Then there is Medtronic's latest not-in-the-USA-yet launch.

What I find interesting as a finance geek is the shift in tone from a kinda distant, "Hey this is some research someplace,"  to wall street asking, "Yo. Where's da product? And how'z youz gonna get a cut?" (Yes - analyst are James Cagney in some shoot 'em up film)

In my twisted mind, this is a significant sign of progress.

Keep it coming.

AP will come incrementally. These all suggest incremental steps. Like diabetes care perfection shouldn't be the Public Enemy of the good. 

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