January 22, 2015

Sexy new AP from Medtronic.

That get you attention? Good.

Medtronic is starting to roll out their next step to AP in Australia, and it's got a new look

What's new other than the good looks? Predictive suspend aka it stops delivery of insulin when thinks you are gonna go low. Very groovy. Medtronic calls this "SmartGuard™." I call it another step along the path to better care. 

When the 530G rolled out with Low Glucose Suspend, there was a lot of chatter about calling it AP. A Rose by another name is still progress in my book, and I am excited to see both a new pump form factor and another step to AP come to market. 

Speaking of Roses: Spare A Rose is coming up soon. We all need to join in and help kids around the world who need a hand. Show some love this Valentines Day. 


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