October 28, 2015

Help out DHF and the DOC with a two question survey, Especially T2s

This from my friend Corinna

I wanted to let you know about a project we're working on and ask for your help with a short (2-question) survey. We're working on a Tier 1 PCORI Pipeline to Proposal  project aimed at eventaually looking at the efficacy of peer support delivered online. You know, that thing that the DOC does. 

Would you take a couple of minutes to respond? 

You can find the survey on TuDiabetes at: http://www.tudiabetes.org/forum/t/meet-idocr/48282

Spreading the word would also be appreciated. Please point other PWD, especially those living with Type 2, to this survey. Thanks so much.

With warm aloha,

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