October 14, 2015

The Big Blue Test - Join by Moving

The Big Blue Test (BBT) starts is Big Blue 7th year. I tell people I treat my T2D with a bicycle and metformin but mostly the bicycle. Mostly the bike because it is more fun and I think is doing me more good. Starting today, I'll send my rides to the Big Blue Test. Here's an adaptation of the BBT announcement:
Today October 14, BBT will begin collecting Big Blue Test entries to help raise money for diabetes charities, but they have made a few changes to the program based on user feedback.

Diabetes Hands Foundation has heard from many of us that during the #BigBlueTest campaign each year you feel more motivated to get up and get active. Now in its seventh year, Big Blue Test is growing beyond its origins as a once yearly movement to inspire participants to get active and help diabetes-charities just in the fall. BBT will now have three windows of collection: fall, winter, and summer.

As you probably know, the Big Blue Test program encourages people to get active for 14-20 minutes and to share that experience on BigBlueTest.orgor by using the iPhone or Android app.

Each entry also helps improve the lives of people with diabetes living in need. During each campaign period, the program's sponsors will donate $1 for each entry logged - up to $10,000 in each window - resulting in $30,000 donated to diabetes charities by the end of summer 2016.

DHF know that exercise is important throughout the year. And they also know that diabetes charities need our support throughout the year, too.

So get up and get active. Log the exercise and help us get to 110,000 entries before November 30th.

Every time you log a Big Blue Test entry betweenOctober 14 and November 30th a $1 donation will be made by our program sponsors to one of two great diabetes-related nonprofits.

Read more about the two charities that will benefit from your sweat: Meet the grantees.

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