June 7, 2008

Full Circle

Connor is moving from elementary school to high school. It is right of passage here, just like it is in a lot of places. He gave his class valedictory talk yesterday. He did a great job.

He looked good too.

A new suit, shirt, tie, shoes, belt, etc… That all was an unplanned expense but it was a good investment. He’ll need a suit for dances in high school next year. Apparently a bunch of his older sister’s friends are expecting him to escort them to dances.

I have to admit the kid has charisma. How else can you explain the senior girls working up dates with a freshman?

Well he did look good too.

This was a particularly satisfying event for us. There he was on the stage being introduced as the valedictorian by the same administration that did everything in their power to kick him out because we insisted that his diabetes care be guided by established best medical practices by his doctors through us.

He would have been too. They had sent a certified letter ten days before the first day of school two years ago saying he and his sister were out. They knew we were arriving back in town that day, we had one of the school principal’s daughters with us in Disney World.

The letter was clear. Our kids were out. Period. Non negotiable. The school administration had called a special meeting with the church board that night, sure in the assumption that the board would affirm their action.

Thank God that this church is not its paid leadership. The board didn’t support the administration. Led by some courageous lay leaders, health care professionalism, in the person of a superb school nurse, was introduced to the school. The first visitor to the nurse was not the daily visits one of our diabetic children but the young daughter of one of the board who stood up for our kids. The irony was not lost on the nurse, us or that board member.

So as I see it providence showed its hand through those board members. Connor went full circle from being out to being his class’s choice as their spokesperson.

Here he is – he looks good too.