June 29, 2008

YDMV on Teen T1s

Inspired by Time Life TV ads, I thought I would collect some of YDMV's musings on teens with type 1 and lump them into a "Best Of" collection kinda like the Newbie section.

So links to a few YDMV essays musing on the T1 teen are collected below. For all I know I contradict myself here and that is perfectly understandable we have 3 teenagers, I can't be expected to have a clue.

Talking with Teens
My favorite teen digression: if you expect your teens to talk with you, you need to have invested time talking with them before they were teens.

What is the Magic A1C
A1C isn't magic. If we pretend it has magical powers and stress about it we will transfer our stress to our kids. Teens need rational parents and stressing about A1C isn't rational.

Dr Freud - Endocrinologist and Teen Motivator
A little Freudian motivation helps get through to teens and it funny too.

Children with Diabetes Friends for Life Conference Session Notes
My thoughts on Children With Diabetes' Friends For Life convention, particularly the patents of teen stuff.

Family ties key to youth happiness
Want happy teens? AP & MTV did a survey that can help. Think about it.

Declaration of Independence
I abuse the work of Messrs Jefferson, Adams and Franklin mutilating their original masterpiece to make the point who's diabetes is it anyway.

Tune Up
Check ups matter and at some point the kids learn to play ya.

Tune Up II: Management
Manage what works well. That sounds almost stupid and it would be if we all did it. Tiger has a swing coach, the lesson in that is we can coach the things that bring us good results.

What is cheating and more to the point are who is doing it the teens or the parents?

What is Your Goal?
Here is a hint; it isn’t a number.