August 18, 2008

Gold Fever

It seems with all the Olympics coverage I forgot to write.

It isn’t that we forgot about diabetes. We are in the midst of some over due basal rate corrections for the soon to be 5th grader. It is that the Olympics are just way more fun.

Delaney is into the games and even more into the coverage. Well more precisely the sponsorship of the coverage. She is so tuned into the commercials that we started a game of announcing what the ad is as soon as one starts. She is very good at it. So good it gives one a bit of concern about the effectiveness of advertising on pre-teens. However she isn’t exactly in the market for a Audi, GM, Toyota or Nissan.

Next to commercials, swimming was way the favorite in our house. I’ll try to be a little more attentive to writing this week.

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