August 27, 2008

Son of the Sidekick

Sounds like a summer super hero movie spin off.
It looks like a spin off too. Home Diagnostics has a new meter on the market, the "True2Go."

It's small. "Small enough to screw onto the top of a test strip bottle."
Wait a second. This looks like my favorite theme park meter the Side Kick redone.

The problem with the Sidekick was it died after about 50 tests. It was programmed to stop working when it did as many tests as the number of strips it was sold with. You could not get it to work if you bought new strips for it (I tried.) These were great in the kid's pocket meters. Great is a word that here means small and easy to carry.

The insurance company in its infinite wisdom wouldn't buy them for us because the Sidekick was an over the counter product. Never mind that the strip for strip a Sidekick was cheaper than the strips they did pay for. To hold the line on costs they bought the more expensive stuff. You have to work at an insurance company for that to make any sense.

So maybe Home Diagnostics figured out that they could sell strips a.k.a. cash cows if the made son of Sidekick. I'll have to get my hands... err.. the kids fingers... on one.

1 comment :

  1. Oooohh...I want one, I want one! First diabetes product I've seen recently that is actually exciting. Would be great to take on runs. Now if they could shrink the lancing device a little....