August 5, 2008

I Would Rather Drive a Mini Cooper

Friends for Life is about people. Well people getting stuff from vendors in the expedition hall. Some vendors do test drives. It was great fun joking around with them while putting all the junk on.

Delaney was more into the Test Drives than I had expected. She wore a Cosmo, a MiniMed with a CGM and of course there was the trusty 1250 doing the real pumping. Part of her freedom to run around was to carry her cell, meter and some glucose.

That is a lot of stuff. She also collected enough shinny beads, trinkets, talismans, yoyos, pedometers and assorted branded backpacks to buy back Manhattan from the Indians at current market rates.

She was on the go all the time. (Hence the crummy picture) At one point I was concerned that all that weight may have more than equal and very opposite reaction with the elastic waist band of her shorts. Fortunately she found the solution to this potential crisis by hanging all this stuff from the belt of her pump pouch.

She had a utility belt of high tech gadgetry that would put Batman to shame. At one point I realized that the manufacturers suggested retail price of all this stuff the kid was wandering around with was more than a new Mini Cooper.

I would rather have a Mini Cooper than need a MiniMed.

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