May 20, 2009

From The News Wire: Mini Med Teaser

Medtronic, Inc. F4Q09 (Qtr End 04/24/09) Earnings Call Transcript

The interesting part is the coming attractions bit. I bolded it for you.

In Diabetes, strong double digit performance on a constant currency basis this quarter was driven by the continued success of Continuous Glucose Monitoring and solid insulin pump sales. We continue to have success as the only company with a proprietary Continuous Glucose Monitor Sensor Augmented Pump on the market. At this point, we have a three year lead on the competition. We are also the only company with the iPro, a unique professional CGM tool, and with our Diabetes CareLink therapy management software, we offer the most integrated diabetes data management system on the market.

We continue to execute on our significant new product pipeline, including making strong progress in blazing the trail to a closed loop system so stay tuned for an update on this program at our upcoming Investor Meeting on June 2nd.

As another sign of our increasing business development efforts, later today we will announce details of a strategic marketing collaboration with Eli Lilly, which combines our delivery and glucose sensing leadership with the insulin expertise of Lilly, a recognized leader in diabetes treatment, research, and education.

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  1. I was told by an R.N. (whose hubby is Type 1) recently that the artificial pancreas (pump, computer and cgms) will be released very soon in the United Kingdom. That we will have to wait for it here due to the FDA. I'll believe it when I see it, but she swears it's true.