May 12, 2009

From The News Wire: Top Stories

Time to read the Diabetes News and here today’s top stories:

Of Mice and Men - It is YDMV so you know there is some mouse model news to report. This time we are boldly going where no man has gone before, specifically inside the blood vessel walls of healthy mice. Why?

New Evidence Of How High Glucose Damages Blood Vessels Could Lead To New Treatments
or how do all the bad things we don’t like to talk about happen? This one scores as news about real science.

Next up is an article titled, “Blood Glucose Control More Important For Patients With Diabetes Than Previously Believed.

So the first thing I thought was how do they know exactly how important I think blood glucose control is to know it is more important than I previously believed?

The conclusion is, “Even small improvements can make a great difference in the long term.” The article then goes on to talk about types of insulin. Regular and NPH aren’t the favorites. I thought - No kidding.

OK enough of the trivial news this one is WAY AWSOME.
Smart Toilets: Doctors in Your Bathroom

Yes diabetes potty humor fans what could be more ripe for jokes than the idea that the commode can become your glucose monitor?

Toto's new Intelligence Toilet II monitors weight, blood sugar levels, and other vital signs, transferring data to your computer for analysis via WiFi.

Who needs CGM when you can have Pee GM?

Life is good.

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