May 23, 2009

From the News Wire: Navigator Complaint Handling & FDA ran a short bit abbout the Navigator, the FDA and customer complaints. FDANews wants a subscription for more and I don't have the coin for their reports so I can only see the teaser. It looks to me like it relates to isolated incidents. Alert CWD readers will have seen the Navigator community talking amongst themselves on supply and customer service issues. So I am not so sure this ranks as actual news to the people most effected, Navigator users.


Abbott Diabetes Care Gets 483 for Complaint Procedures
An FDA investigator cited Abbott Diabetes Care for complaint handling and employee training in a Form 483 that included three observations.

The company received the Form 483 in March after an inspection of its facility in Alameda, Calif., for operations related to the FreeStyle Navigator continuous glucose monitoring system.

Staff did not complete training for complaint procedures or device failure investigations, and the company did not appropriately evaluate a complaint to determine if a medical device report was needed. The complaint came from a customer “who was using the Navigator and was in pain and wanted to return the system,” the form says.

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  1. I'm not sure about their return policy, etc, but I have to tell you, their customer support process is extensive. Sometimes I don't want to have to answer the questions for all the data they collect, especially when I know what the error is. But I'm always faced with, "I'm sorry, but I need to go through these questions". They always end a support call with "Was any treatment missed or delayed due to this problem". So perhaps these concerns have been addressed. I was on with them at 2am last night with a problem and I have a completely new system coming FedEx hopefully Wednesday