November 19, 2009

ADA’s Reply

I talked with ADA’s National Office Public Relations group re: Serve Marketing. ADA was very kind and did a little digging. This is what they came back with:

  • The ADA has no current or ongoing relationship with Serve.
  • This shock campaign is in no way condoned by the ADA.
  • ADA expressed dismay at the piece.
  • ADA feels that the link on Serves web page that shows ADA as a client of Serve is misleading.
  • They were very clear in the use of the word misleading.
  • ADA’s legal department is contacting Serve to have the ADA logo removed from Serve’s site and the inference of ADA as a client of Serve taken down.


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  2. LOL Ellen

    I only use my Powers for Good!

  3. Thank you for checking this out. Somehow it didn't seem on the up and up to me. Glad it's not true and I'm thrilled they don't approve of it and are having legal look into it.
    Thanks again for calling and checking it out.