November 24, 2009

FTNW: DexCom & Continua Boards

DexCom Appoints Nicholas Augustinos as Board Member.

I keep wondering about Continua and the diabetes world. More to wonder about:

From the News Wire -
Source: DexCom, Inc.
On 4:11 pm EST, Monday November 23, 2009

DexCom, Inc. today announced the appointment of Nicholas Augustinos as a member of DexCom’s Board of Directors.

Mr. Augustinos is the Senior Director of the Global Healthcare Solutions business unit at Cisco Systems, Inc., where he leads Cisco’s efforts to develop connected healthcare solutions. Prior to Cisco, Mr. Augustinos was a Partner and Senior Strategic Consulting Expert, Global Health Services, for Computer Sciences Corporation. Previously, Mr. Augustinos served as Vice President of the Care Data Exchange group with CareScience, as Vice President of Sales and Marketing with Healtheon/WebMD, and as Vice President of Administration with CliniShare. “Nick brings more than twenty years of broad-based experience and thought leadership in healthcare. As healthcare delivery and technology evolves and improves, Nick’s vision and experience will help drive DexCom’s future innovations,” said Terry Gregg, President and Chief Executive Officer of DexCom.

Mr. Augustinos also sits on the Board of Directors of Continua Alliance, a non-profit, open industry coalition of healthcare and technology companies collaborating to improve the quality of personal healthcare. The Alliance was founded by Cisco, Intel, Philips, Samsung, Sharp and Kaiser Permanente, among others.

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